Guest Bedrooms Update



The Interior Design Committee recently completed the wallpaper project in the guest bedrooms. As described by IDC Chair Patsy Ellis, “The wallpapers in the guest bedrooms were designed by William Morris, an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and socialist activist. Associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, he was a major contributor to the revival of tradition British textile design and production in the late 1800s”. In addition, they will be selecting draperies for the two guest rooms soon.”

Evans Guest Bedroom – The “Marigold” pattern was described in 1897 as possessing an, “indefinable sense of immortality which is the property of the best work of every age.” Marigold was one of the few designs originally produced as both a wallpaper and fabric by Morris’ company.

Last November 2017, a pair of Victorian arm chairs reupholstered in a Jacquard cream and beige stripes were added to the room, as well as a Tiffany style lamp which has an octagon-shaped shade, featuring 174 pieces of art glass with eight panels sporting an inverted v-shaped design in amber, white, brown, red, and green. The base is finished in antique golden sand.

The Evans Guest Bedroom.

Hay Guest Bedroom – The wallpaper is called “Strawberry Thief”, a classic William Morris floral and bird design in indigo with lighter blues, beiges and greens. Strawberry Thief was first printed on cotton at Merton Abbey, an area in southwest London, England. It is reproduced from an original fabric designed by Morris and registered in 1883.

Last November 2017, the 19th century mahogany bench was reupholstered in the Strawberry Thief fabric. If you look closely at the bolsters, you will see that the upholsters carefully placed a strawberry in the center of each bolster end.

The French Stifel Bouillotte lamp with original shade and brass and bronze taupe finish throughout is a vintage 1970’s.

The Hay Guest Bedroom.