January 2021 – President’s Annual Report

We celebrate the past year’s work, acknowledging your volunteerism and commitment to the Governor’s Mansion Foundation.

With a strong sense of optimism we began 2020 with a season of chamber concerts, planned Helmi and Peale Portrait art events, special tours celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, and to build upon our work of previous years. But life changed quickly in March with the Covid-19 pandemic that would have profound impacts on all of us.

Yet, through determination we were able to innovate and find ways to carry on our essential business. Zoom video communication meetings and telephone conferencing have been our lifeline, allowing us to see and communicate with each other in ways that we never imagined. We made lemonade from lemons in August with a virtual “Summer Social” to benefit the Washington State Governor’s Mansion Foundation, donated by and featuring Steinway Artist Judith Cohen presenting “Mighty Miniatures”.

Now we begin 2021 making hard choices to manage our expenses and finances responsibly, refocusing on priorities, embracing new ways of working while developing entirely new offerings like on-line payment capabilities – ways to encourage new members and donations, ease in purchasing event tickets, and payment of annual membership.

Embarking on the new year, we look with hope and excitement to a special webinar on February 22, of the Rembrandt Peale Portrait of George Washington, part of the Governor’s Mansion art collection. It is presented in collaboration by our Art, Information Technology, and Community Relations and Marketing Committees. This is a testament of how our organization is much stronger and much better when we are aligned around a common purpose.

Your Officers lead with a commitment of what we need to do as we face challenges the past year gave us and focus on the change we want to see. Working with dedication and compassion, together we can make 2021 a better year.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Dawna Donohue, President
Governor’s Mansion Foundation
Olympia, Washington