Send Leo Adams to Olympia

Area 4 (Yakima) Trustees – Reesha Cosby, artist Leo Adams, Cherie Hanses, John Baule and Kristine Sims

Dear Art Patron,

We need your help to send Eastern Washington’s most acclaimed artist and member of the Yakama Nation, Leo Adams, “to Olympia”. GMF trustees have commissioned Leo Adams to represent Yakima County by gracing a wall of the Olympia Governor’s Mansion’s ballroom with an 8’ x 8’, framed canvas painting. The painting will depict the Yakama Nation, first people of our land, and the beauty of Yakima Valley.

To make this happen we need your support. Our goal is to raise sufficient funding by September 2022 to honor Leo Adams’ 80th birthday on November 7, 2022, celebrate Native American Heritage during the month of November, and acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation, which was founded by First Lady Nancy Evans in 1972. We currently have raised $10,000 however, we need your support to raise an additional $10,000 +.

To put your gift to work immediately please click here. To learn more about Leo Adams work go to

Hope you can help to make this happen.

Your Yakima County GMF Trustees
John Baule, Reesha Cosby, Cherie Hanses,
Kristine Sims, Doris Dickinsen, Emerita, Pat Erickson, Emerita,
Victoria Flower, Emerita, and Sharon Smith

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